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Web Design

Custom Web Site design without limitations

There are currently over 950 million websites live in the world, by the time you are reading this it may be over 1 billion... but how many are actually any good, a very large proportion of this 1bn will never even be visited? So how do you stand out, how do you get noticed? Quality!

So what makes a good Website? Answer: The perfect Amalgomation (we know that's spelt wrong!) of form and function.

Amalgo deliver high-quality, professional web design & development solutions that market your company online, providing outstanding results.

What makes a website great?

01. Navigation

Superior UX thats simple but stylish, although unique has logical navigation and controls familiar to the end user.

02. Speed

Quality coding and Optimization all round, no-one likes a slow site, the website should run fast and smooth!

03. Gorgeous Design

Your site should be beautiful, it should be designed to stand out in your marketplace and carry your personality.

04. Readability

Websites users generally do not read websites, they scan them for the information they need. Always be easy on the eye.

05. SEO

Search Engine Optimization. Your site needs to be found, its no good having a great design if no-one can find it.

06. Content

Saving the best til last. Fresh and updated content is critical to the success of good web sites, CMS helps site owners keep content fresh.

We get it

Everyone knows that a web design is no longer constricted to the desktop. Infact in 2014 mobile internet browsing actually overtook desktop browsing, it is now essential for to portray a brand and connect to the end-user through a multi-device platform. We make sure our designs carry quality design and user experience regardless of device or screen size.

Some of the technology we use for our Projects

Digital Marketing

The digital band wagon is not slowing down – either wave as it speeds away or sprint and jump aboard!

Today it is estimated that almost a third of people spend more time online than they do sleeping. Digital marketing is a remarkable and cost-effective customer acquisition tool, but it’s more than marketing. Digital Marketing is developing actual relationships with your customers, driving media, and attracting the best people. Amalgo are here to work with you to design, develop and deliver the best strategy to grow your audience.

So What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a vast array of media and tools we can use to spread the word about your business faster, more economically, and more authentically than ever before. Email marketing, Social media marketing, Social Media outreach, Online customer service, Content strategy, Content creation, Twitter and facebook campaigns, Promoted tweets, Facebook advertising, Blogger relations, Search engine marketing plus much more.


Let your image do the work

If you don’t continually work to find new ways to deepen relevance with customers, faster moving competition will always win.

The Bottom Line

Maintaining relevance and style as competitors and customers shift requires both strategic planning and creativity. When we combine these two, we get amazing results. Amalgo combines commercial nous, creative thinking and analytical reasoning to build true relevance and style into our clients brands. Brands that inspire customers and transform bottom lines.


Creating visuals and appeal behind websites and brands

Whether its corporate shots, products, architectural design or emotion through the lens, our photographers take pride in each shot. Professional imagery is a true art at Amalgo.

Photography that's personal and relevant

It is important for your website and marketing material to look good, good photography can transform you site from not just functional but beautiful to. But you can't just slap photos of sexy women or beautiful mountains on your site, Relevance and personality must be portrayed for you to really stand out.

Like what you see?

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