Project: Aroma Cafe/Bar Website and CMS


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Amalgo finds the perfect blend at Aroma Norwich

Aroma Cafe/Bar takes its inspiration from the trendy cafe bars of London and New York, they needed thier website to be equally as trendy. They also needed to be able to keep it fresh, interesting and relevant at all times so the ability to simply update the content quickly and easily was a must.
Amalgo took time to get to know the business and really take in what was impotant to them and their customers before creating the site that worked for them. Powered by Amalgos Content Management System the Aromans have easy and fast access to edit every section of the site with ease and confidence.
Built to be responsive the site looks good on any device.

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Project Meta

Client: Aroma Cafe/Bar Norwich

Year: 2015

Tags: CMS, Design, website, graphics, SEO, Responsive, Mobile

Task: To design, build & implement a new website for Aroma Cafe/Bar which is both beautiful and functional. Provide user friendly Content Management solution for Aroma owners to keep the site content fresh.
Special Note: The coffee is delicious and the sausage rolls are amazing

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01. Responsive Design

Utilising bootstrap framework, CSS transitions, and a little clever scripting the aroma website beautifully presents itself to the visitor regardless of the size of the screen.

02. Content Management

With amalgo unique CMS solution built in the Aromans can easily keep all their website content up to date at any time, even on the move.

03. Social Integration

The Aroma site integrates with Twitter pulling all Aromas latest tweets into it's own database for display on the site without plugins allowing free design

04. Hosting and Maintenance

Amalgo provide superfast hosting and high level of support, ensuring top level site security

What the client had to say?

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